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LIZZIE HUANG: Personal trainer-Boxing
NATHAN MIGUEL: Boxing-Personal training
CAROLINE YOUNG: Personal Trainer
PETER FODORAL: Boxing-Personl Trainer
WILL TUFFIN: Personal Training-Boxing

EXCLUSIVE TO SAS BOXING! Train with our most experienced 'Old Time' trainers, all of whom have trained World Champions and been boxing since the '60s, there's not much these guys don't know. They'll train you like the old style champions, this really is specialist boxing training at it's best.

Don Davis: Boxing old school
Augustus Miguel: Boxing old school
Don Davis - Boxing old school

Don Davis is a rarity, a true old school professional trainer,  he has been boxing since the early '60's and as a professional figher himself fought more than 40 fights. 

There isn't enough room on this page to list his achievements as a trainer, but he has helped countless professional fighters on their journey from amateur to professional with many reaching both European and World Champion status these include:

- Frank Bruno

- Richard Williams

- Errol Chrstie

- Keith Long

If you want training using techniques from boxing's  legends, Don Davis is your man.